Engagement & Advocacy Programs

We are committed to engagement and advocacy that transforms peoples’ understanding and management of the environmental, public health, and safety risks associated with fossil fuel transportation. Whether it is through dissemination of information, new research, multi-sector dialogue and deliberation, citizen councils, mutual aid and support for victims of accidents and incidents, or negotiating for fully funding and staffing of state and national pipeline safety programs.

We support the adoption of Safety Management Systems by all pipeline operators and utilities that includes robust community engagement. We believe that both fostering meaningful engagement on pipeline safety and equitable, just, and safe energy transitions requires an “all hands on deck” approach. We seek out dialogue and policy reform with a broad coalition of interests in order to advocate for continual improvements and necessary regulatory and policy reforms in pipeline safety. This coalition includes: operators, utilities, contractors, workers, regulating and permitting agencies, local governments, emergency managers, landowners, excavators and developers, sovereign indigenous nations, environmental scientists, survivors of pipeline incidents and accidents, and national, state, and local elected officials.

Photo by Lynda Farrell.

Community Awareness Networks

Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images.

Mayors’ Council on Pipeline Safety

Let’s advocate together for safer pipeline infrastructure.

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